Artist's Statement
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Artist's Statement:

My life can best be described as an individual who has been in constant pursuit of expressing herself creatively.  I was born in a small town in Western Kentucky,Carol Berry and have spent a lifetime pursuing my love for art.  In fact, I cannot remember a time when I was not either painting, drawing, or in some fashion expressing my creativity.  From 1958 to 1962 I lived in California, studying the "Old Masters" and Impressionist art at both De Young and Legion of Honor Museums.  My first gallery showing was in San Francisco in the spring of 1960, where my work was shown to the public for the first time.  In October of 1962, my family and I moved from California to Louisville, where we experienced quite a "culture shock".  Needless to say, the contrast of lifestyles was a motivating factor in my decision to make a difference in my new community, and share my knowledge and talent with the people of Kentucky.  This sharing process further enhanced and developed my pursuit of artistic expression.

This symbiotic relationship continued unchanged until July of 1969 when, one of the most profound events influencing my life took place... witnessing the moon landing and mankind taking its place in the universe.  It was a spectacular experience, which I have since used as the focus of my work.  It was after that experience that I came to realize that "reality", as I knew it, had expanded far beyond its previous boundaries.  With a keen interest and aptitude in science, I have furthered my creative background by studying the latest scientific information concerning such diverse areas as quantum physics, patterns of chaos, ocean currents, astronomy, DNA, aerodynamics, fractals, quarks, etc.

Additional experiences which have influenced my present works include my extensive world-wide travel; ranging from the Amazon rain forests to the uniquely diverse ethnic regions of Mexico, Southern Europe, Australia, Turkey, Morocco and the river Nile.  Also, in addition to these travels above ground I have been scuba diving for over fifteen years, logging more than 300 dives throughout the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.  The phenomena of complete weightlessness, and the fact that the planet is seven tenths water coupled with the underwater experience as a whole, I believe, has given me further insight into my quest for what is "reality", and how I can best incorporate these ideas into my love of art.

In the past, I have extensively sailed and dived the Bahamas, hovered over erupting volcanoes in a helicopter, dived lava tubes in the Hawaiian Isles and dived the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.  For many years I have meditated and practiced Tai Chi and yoga.  All of these experiences, and my lifetime study of nature and the universe, have given great insight and impetus to my works as an artist in this very exciting time of great discovery into the new millennium.



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